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External Turntable Required

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    I need an external turntable that I can control automatically by a routine which I will write in either Visual Basic 6, C or Visual C++. So I need a suitable interface to do this

    It will sit on my balcony overlooking the sea and will have a couple of dome cameras mounted on it which will monitor shipping within a 10 mile radius ... ie record images in stereo. Ultimately, it will be web accessible but that is not really relevant to the turntable requirement.

    So it needs to be able to rotate about 180 degrees (360 would be better but is not essential) Clearly it needs to be able to supply (hopefully 12v DC but in worst case mains A/C depending on what cameras I get) and also a wiring feed to my computer. It is possible a wireless feed would simplify that so in worst case, maybe just handle a power feed

    I guess it needs to be about a foot (ie 300mm) in diameter. Because of sea salt it will need to be extremely robust - I am about 500 meters inland but high up so we don't get waves or sea spray but the wind can be strong and wet ...

    The whole lot will sit on some kind of support (suggestions?) or maybe I will bolt it down to something so versatile mountings would be handy

    Any suggestions as to an "off the shelf" product?
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    Did you look at basic stepper motors?
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    I don't know about 'off the shelf' stuff. If you build it yourself, I would suggest using plastic such as structural nylon, Torlon, etc.. That should eliminate any corrosion problems and minimize the need for lubrication.
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