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Extra Classes?

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    Hello all,

    Firstly I am not sure that this is the most appropriate Forum in which to pose my question, but I have seen a multitude of great advice given over my browsing of this forum, and thought I would give it a shot.

    Currently I am a Junior at Murray State University with a Major in Mathematics and Minor in Biology. I am on track to graduate in Dec 2011 and planning on continuing on to graduate school the following Fall. Hoping to get into a PhD program for Statistics and/or Biostatistics.

    My question relates to that extra semester that I will have available to me.

    The classes that I have taken and are currently taking include:
    Calculus I,II, and III,
    Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra (one class),
    Mathematical Reasoning,
    Mathematical Statistics I, and
    Advanced Calculus I

    I plan on taking:
    Mathematical Statistics II,
    Mathematical Modeling, and
    Numerical Analysis.

    This list was provided to me from my advisor that I trust, but I wanted further opinions of if this track would be sufficient to gain entrance into a prominent university's graduate school. I have had some other classmates mention that I should also take some of the following classes:
    Advanced Calculus II,
    Introduction to Topology, and
    Abstract Algebra.

    My question is: Should I take the extra classes in addition to the original plan? Or should I mix them, say take Adv Calc II as opposed to Modeling? Or use the Spring 2012 semester to take all of these? As a reminder this is for entrance into a Statistics Program, not a general Mathematics program.

    As far as grades go I have a 4.0 major GPA with a 3.6 cumulative that should continue to increase. Also if I choose to stay the extra semester it will be at no cost to me as my scholarship money covers all of my costs. If I do decide to graduate I will be looking for internships or other research opportunities.

    I thank you in advance for taking the time to read this as well any advice you have for me. I hope I have provided enough information to get a good assessment, but will be happy to give more information and explain myself further upon request.

    Thank you!

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