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Extra Courses

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    Last week, I went to register myself for an additional course (graduate) in one of my free slots. I was given a form which required the consent of the professor teaching that course and my faculty advisor. Both of them had no objections with me attending the class.

    When I went to return the form and enroll myself, I was informed that freshman (first-year) and sophomore students (second-year) are prohibited from enrolling in any extra class. This rule seemed strange, so I went to speak to the person in charge about the rationale and whether I could get an exception.

    The first thing this person asked me, was on why I wanted to attend the additional class. When I told him that I was interested in the course content, that I could fit the course in my schedule and that the professor had no problem with me attending, he informed that my interest is not a sufficient reason to attend a course, and that he would allow no exceptions to the rule. He went on to criticize my intelligence, told me not to think too much of myself (sic), and to change my attitude. He then said that this rule was in effect as the university had decided that students couldn't handle any more load. Weird. I thought that universities encouraged students to learn more.

    In the end, the professor let me audit the course (ie, taking it without the credits or grade, but with the exams and homework), and I'm enjoying his classes so far.

    Have any of you come across such an absurd rule (IMO) in your university? Are freshmen and sophomores allowed to take additional courses there?
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    It's an awful rule. You've got a bad case of bureaucrat-rash. It's like ulcers, except there's paperwork involved.
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    There used to be lots more red tape at the IITs a few years ago. You think you've got crazy rules now?

    Siddharth, what's your courseload like this semester? And what course is this that you are auditing?
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    I've got 22 credits (no labs), and the course is on mathematical techniques, modelling and simulation
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