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Homework Help: Extra Credit Help

  1. Nov 25, 2007 #1
    once again i am here for help :) last time proved to save me emmensly.

    I have to do some extra credit for my physics class in order to receive the grade. Sadly, i have procrastinated a bit too much again ha

    If anyone could help, please post

    First Extra Credit
    Use binoculars to monitor how an assigned star varies in brightness. Record how much the brightness changes and how long one cycle of the change takes.

    Record the moons phase and position in the star field nightly for five weeks to measure the length of two kinds of month, sidereal and synodic

    photograph the moon nightly for a month. Measure the changes in its size and discover how wits distance from the earth varies during the month.

    Luckily, i have an extra credit problem i can sub in for those.
    Extra credit i can switch in:
    Measure the altitude of the Sun or Polaris from two latitudes at least 200 miles apart. You must build the measuring device, measure the altitudes to an accuracy clearly better then 1%, and use their difference to calculate the Earth's circumference.

    ANY help would be greatly appreciated

    -Helpless student again :)
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    These are activities that YOU must do. There is no way anyone here can do anything. Please share with us your results.

    A good star to observe for variations in intensity would be Algol. Do you know how to use google?
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