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Extra-curricular/volunteer work

  1. Nov 30, 2004 #1
    hi. just recently i have started to "get into" physics (and at this point, wouldn't be labeled as one of the smart kids in physics or chem), and have decided that it will be my major in college (actually, decided this last year). though i will be attending a community college for my first and quite possibly second year, then transferring to a four year school, i would like to know of some opportunities that could be available for someone like me interested in this field.

    i attend a small private school that does not offer much when it comes to areas in science, so science fairs and clubs are immediately out.

    it seems to be easier for kids wanting to be doctors, or lawyers, or anything where volunteer and extra-curricular work is open in just about every town.

    i live in southern california, and besides LA and pasadena (where i live is about two hours away from each), there really isn't much to do.

    if anyone has any ideas of what to look for to get a feel of what being a physicist would be like, or some hints at what i should do to further my education in the sciences, it would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks in advance. :)
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