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Extra dimensions of time

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    I have read about the possibility of more than one time dimension but I never did really understand what the implications of that would be. What is going on in this idea? How can two dimensions of time be explained so that the layman will understand?

    Here's an example: http://www.physorg.com/news98468776.html
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    I wonder if you could relate it to relativity, i.e. an object going near the speed of light will be sweeping across the 2nd dimension as well as moving forward, and that would show time dilation because the scalar projection makes it seem as if it's slower in time when in reality it simply covered an equal "distance" through time in a different direction.
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    Like the faster you go, the faster you are moving in the 2nd time dimension, so that you appear to be slower in the first one. I can see that. Like some of it is being diverted. So what would that mean for light then, would it it's regular time be zero and it's 2nd time be extremely fast? How fast?

    What other effects might work this way? What if mass increases at speed because it's being pulled from another spatial dimension? What if length contracts because it's given to another spatial dimension?
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