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Extra-galactic Meteror?

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    Somehow, I find news items such as this one much more interesting to read than those about maps of dark-matter halos and things of that nature. (Not that I'm uninterested in the latter.)

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    Is it something you want to discuss / ask ?
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    Just posting a news item (I thought this was a bit serious for GD. :biggrin:), although a discussion would be good. It's not confirmed to be an extra-galactic meteor, and hence the '?'.
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    Might have just been moving 80kps with respect to the center of the galaxy.

    I don't see why it isn't possible for an extragalactic meteor to hit us, with tons of debris floating around up there. Pretty cool stuff imo.
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    I am skeptical. The article largely bases the extra-galactic conclusion on the high velocity, but then they go on to analyze 246 meteors in 36 hours and claim 12 may have been extra-galactic based on velocity alone. That seems very improbable.

    Then they bolster the extra-galactic conclusion on the spectra showing the composition of iron, magnesium, and oxygen; but that is what is found in meteorites routinely.
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