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Extract h

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    can someone help me to extract h from the folowing equetion

    V= (∏ tnα² h³)/3 + (∏ tnα d h²)/2 + ( ∏ d² h)/4

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    Hey thomasJDN and welcome to the forums.

    It would help if you said what your dummy index was for the multiplication as well as the limits.
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    im sorry i didnt mean extract
    i mean isolate
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    The equation is a cubic in h, so isolating h entails factoring the cubic, which is nontrivial.
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    yes, but every term contains a h, so the non-zero solutions are the roots of a quadratic, which is somewhat easier.
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    Not if that "V" is non-zero!
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    silly me. you're right of course.
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