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Extracurricular activities and studying

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    Hi everyone,
    I haven't been here in a long time (well, I post every now and then but not like I used to....good old days...).
    I'm here now because I need advice on how to manage my time properly.
    I'm in the wonderful IB program, and I know most of u realize just how much work (not to mention the competition with kids who always get As ) we get. Well, this is pretty much the most stressful week I've had in a really long time. I have 7 tests this week, 2 of which are done. One test is really a 1000 word essay I have to write, one is a math test (not 2 worried about that one), 3 are spanish tests. Also I have 2 extracurricular activities which require even more studying ; debate club and science bowl. I'm having a really hard time managing my time and sticking with it. so how should I go about comming up with a schedule that I can stick to? what is the process I should follow in deriving an efficient schedule?

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    I would quit out the afterschool activities, as much fun (or not) they are, the important thing is doing well in your classes.

    You sound like you're doing great for yourself in the IB program!

    Are you in the US?

    Be sure to study! lol, if you never thought about that.
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