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Extracurricular activities

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    Hello, my name is John. I am a Soph. high school and was wondering what kind of stuffs do students in this forum do after school with while taking those high-level math/science classes.

    My dream is to become a vet in the future, but i know it is very competitive to get into the vet schools in United States. I'll have to study like all day in college and still wont have enough time...

    The problem is, i am a state-class distance runner who train everyday, all seasons after school. I really like running, but i lose alot of time training plus after i get home, i get very tired and cant concentrate on study.

    My question is that do u guys think it is possible to do sports in college and take all those classes? Do you know anybody who do sports in college and still get into med schools?

    I want to quit running if this is like an impossible thing to do...

    Sorry for my bad writting. I am a ESL student. Thank you.
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    I got a friend who plays for the University of Victoria Vikes basketball team (4th in Canada last year). He's a pretty smart guy and I think he did really well last year even with the ridiculously hectic schedule, bussing all over western Canada and what not. It takes a ****load of work, but I do think it's possible. Plus, at least in Canada, athletes are on a five year program (4 classes per semester) instead of the normal four year program (5 classes per semester).

    I don't know what his plans are for after he gets his degree, but he like you is going to school primarily for the education and secondarily for the sport.
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    Ok, thanks.
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    Hi John,
    It sounds like you are burning the candle at both ends. I have a niece in Vet school at Kansas State University and another who is a freshman who is aiming for Vet school there as well. Being too tired to study makes things tough. Have you thought about trying to get up early in the morning after a good night's sleep and study? It works for me, but I am 49. I may need less sleep.
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    I'm not entirely sure you should run at all this year John. Physical work as you know makes you extremely tired, combining it with mental work (studies) tends to exacerbate things further. I'm going to have to be a little pessimistic about this one (for the sake of pragmatism). If you truly want your studies to work out this year, I don't see any other way of sorting this problem other than reducing the amount of running hours that you practice every day. Either this or imposing a restriction on the number of days that you run per week. What about Saturdays and Sundays ONLY? This would surely diminish the mental fatigue you're experiencing.
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    I haven't heard that saying since my grade 12 french class. "Vous brulez la bougie par les deux bouts".
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    You are a soph. Depending on your grades, run. Being in shape is the best thing for your mind. Right now I am a member of the college crew team. We row from 5 in the morning until 7:15. I have Math at 8 then physics at 9. I then move on to German grammar and finally rhetoric. I have afternoon practices also. I found that it actually helped in my studies. You just have to learn to budget your time. I am doing a lot better than if I did not do sports. You have to realize that you have to do homework early. And you also have to study constantly. You will not have time to cram before an exam. However, when spaced out the quality of learning increases. Make sure you get plenty of sleep and have a good diet. I found that with exercise, sleep and a good diet I can function better and longer. Try it out. That is my advice.
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