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Extraordinary people - Iceman

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    This guy is amazing, he ran a half marathon in freezing lapland, on snow, wearing nothing more than shorts! he wasn't even wearing any shoes. How on earth can he do that? I saw it on a discovery docu, and a scientist takes him into a laboratory to test his abilities to see if he is able to do what he claims. When he was lowered into a pool of nearly freezing water after seven minutes, when most people would nearly be dead from hyperthermia, he was actually able to increase his internal body temparature just by thinking in his mind of generating heat. The scientist was amazed, and said that it would probably be safe for him to attempt his half marathon.

    some info on him here; http://www.mounteverest.net/news.php?news=15740

    When he was younger he nearly died in the cold before he was rescued and taken to hospital, and he says ever since then he has been fascinated with the cold, and takes pleasure in experiencing it. i uploaded a bit of it;

    I have heard of tibetan monks having the ability to generate heat with their mind, and i heard that one monk stayed in near freezing water for an entire night. I'm not sure how true that part is, but i'll try to find the story.

    What do you think he has control over in his body to be able to do this? Is the mechanism that controls our temparature susceptable to our own control if we can become aware of it?

    Actually, what is the mechanism controls our temparature in the first place? i dont even really know that.
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    I found some info on tibettan monks doing this from a harvard study on their abilities. I have not found the monk that did it for an entire night, but i'm sure its somewhere online.

    http://www.hno.harvard.edu/gazette/2002/04.18/09-tummo.html [Broken]
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