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Extrapolation formulae

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    Is there a general extrapolation formula (or other *simple* quantitative technique) for projecting values in a given series?

    I have these numbers in a certain series sequence:

    x=1, y=-3.80, x=2, y=-4.15, x=3, y=-4.47, x=4, y=-4.77, x=5, y=-5.05, x=6, y=-5.27, -5.40

    Question is: does y converge to a definite final value? What is that value likely to be? I would guess somewhere around -6.0, but I want to know with more precision.

    Thanks for any pointers.

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    Given this data (values of y at a discrete set of x's), there is no mathematical answer to your question. If you were to graph it, you might see some useful trend. A polynomial fit is probably a bad idea, since it will very likely give you fluctuations that are not there.
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