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Extreme Pogo

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Oh, the funny calls one gets from family when at work. My wife was shopping with one of the kids and they saw a pogo stick in the store. My kid didn't get the point of it, so my wife had to show him how it was done.

    I get a call from her at work because she thought she broke her arm.

    "You're at the Target over by our house, then, right?"

    "No, I'm across the street at the Big Lots store."

    "Why are you over there? Wouldn't Target let you use their phone?"

    "I didn't ask. After I fell, I figured it was time for us to leave." :rofl:

    And our kid didn't even ask for a pogo stick for Christmas. :confused:
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    I had a pogo stick as a kid. It was really fun. My parents got me this super-duper, heavy duty one with a really strong spring. First jump onto it, and quickly realized I wasn't heavy enough to make the spring budge. :grumpy: At least my little sister couldn't steal it from me. :rolleyes:
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