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EYE: 3 cones- RGB: 255*255*255 HOw to convert

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    The eye has 3 cones(RG,GY,B-component theory)...and bipolar cells( use the opponent theory). From these 3 types of cones how does the brain interpret the multiple of colors that occur...and how would one convert the wavelength(lambda) to RGB values or from RGB values to wavelength.

    for example if say you were taking a magenta wavelength...and splitting it into the 3 cones...the red cones and blue cones would fire right? then the bipolar cells would fire for red and blue(not yellow and green)...but then if you take a color close to magenta(eg purple)...how will these cells differ in signal?
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    It may not be quite as simple as an RGB model, there is some compelling work that we actually see using four chromophores, i.e. tetrachromatic vision.:bugeye: See this reference for detailed discussion.
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