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Eye Color Change

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    hey all ive read a couple articles about eye color changing with ageing, well heres the thing i have brown eyes but my father which is 48 has light brown kind of hazel looking eyes and my mom brown.I was wondering sence im 16 will my eye color change as i grow older?
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    alright, but still dosent answer my question as much towards my post
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    Most likely your father is heterozygous for brown eye color with recessive hazel gene (Bh), while your mother is homozygous for brown eye color (BB). You are either Bh or BB, but since you do not mention that you see any trace of your father hazel in your eyes, you most likely are just like mom (BB). What this means is that any children you have will all have brown eyes--if not, then you are like your father and have the Bh genotype. Be thankful you can see--do not worry about color of your eyes.
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