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Eye exercises

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    Many people I know advice me that doing eye exercises will help improve my vision and if I do them for quite some time, that I will not need glasses any more. Is this true? When I google this, all I get are advertisements.
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    If your eye muscles (such as for focusing or tracking) are simply weak, then there might be some benefit. Most vision problems don't fall into that category, though.
    Eyes are not something to take any chances with. Doing self-repair would be like fixing the brakes on your car if you don't know how to hold a wrench. See a medical professional.
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    If you are prone to eye fatigue or eye strain, exercises can help. For example, if your vision seems to get worse after spending a lot of time studying or working at a computer, then consider eye exercises. An optometrist can teach these to you. But, if your problem isn't eye fatigue/strain, then the exercises won't help. You can ask your optometrist or opthamologist if they could help you.
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    Yes, this indeed does happen. Thanks. I shall see where I can learn to do them.
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    fast paced FPS games! Like quake, CoD, Unreal Tournament..
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