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Eye Q

  1. Apr 24, 2008 #1
    Here is a product that claims it can teach you to speed read.

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    Muscles make you learn faster! Who knew???
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    Could it be that stronger eyes allow you to read faster, thus learning more quicker?
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    Best piece of info on the site:

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    I tried this once and it did get me reading quicker in about 10 minutes. I don't think the benefit lasted 10 minutes after I quit, but I can see how it could actually work if you stuck with it. The thing is you can read a lot without gaining speed, but with this it pushes you to read faster. Its possible that this one has some merit, at least in the words per minute category. I have no idea about how reading comprehension is affected/effected. Which one is it?
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    It makes sense to me that training the eyes coordinate and pick up individual words faster would increase the efficiency of perception and thus increase comprehension ; however I'm skeptical about whether this can be learned in a short period of time for lifetime improvement.
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    I think if you put in the effort you will become a faster reader. I don't know that you need this system to do it, but it doesn't hurt. The good thing about this program is that it pushes you to get better and each time you use it it makes you read a little bit faster. Without something forcing you to read faster you probably read at the same speed you did a year ago. Its like teaching yourself to play the piano vs. taking lessons. You can learn either way but taking lessons will probably yield better results.
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    Picking up individual words is a thing that you have to unlearn to read fast.
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    I think the moral of the story is that writers in today's day and age are just terrible at getting to the point.
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    That's probably all there is to it. It's a gimmick to get you to practice speed reading more, and thus is likely to work because any form of practice will eventually increase your reading speed.
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    But you see, while I read a tremendous amount, and I'm not by any means a "fast" reader, I enjoy words immensely. I enjoy individual words, the precise use of specific words to create just the right cadence or flavour to a piece of writing. I enjoy word-play, and rhythm and clever usages that are unusual but describe a particular thing just so. I don't want to move past the texture of those very specifically chosen words simply in order to grab content.

    I guess, though, it depends on what it is you want to be able to read more quickly.
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    There are texts that I enjoy reading and that require to concentrate on the exact wording (lyrics by Jeremi Przybora come to mind, they are often precisely built masterpieces; Polish only) at the same time there are texts that I just want to skim to grasp the message. In the first case I have to concentrate on words, in the second - reading separate words will be a waste of time. Both approaches are useful, it just depends on what, when and why.
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