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Homework Help: Eye resolution

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    hi, ive just done an experinemt to try and show the resolution of the human eye in different light levels.

    i did it by putting a 0.25mm apart slits in a tube then, behind it had an adjustbable light, then i moved the slit further back, and asked them to say if they could see the two slits. then i repeated it for different lux levels i.e 0.2, 0.4, 0.6

    well anyway, i found out that as you turn the light levels up, it becomes easier to see that there is two slits, but when you get past 2.2lux it makes no difference.

    i was wandering what is the calculation to work out the resolution of the eye.

    the slite were 0.25mm apart and i went back 10 cm each time.

    thank you
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    Andrew Mason

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    The resolution of the eye would be a measure of the minimum angle between two objects that the eye can distinguish. (Think of the eye projecting an image onto the retina. In order for the retina to distinguish two objects, there must be a minimum separation on the retina in order to send two different signals to the brain).

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