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Eyebrows, Eyebrows

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    Sigh... So I have very, um... fecund eyebrows. Congenial eyebrows that like to meet in the middle. OK, I have really bushy eyebrows. I mean, I'm only 19, but my eyebrows are incredily hairy- I get that from my father. I can't decide what to do about them. Shave them, pluck them, *gulp* wax them? I tried shaving them, but I have to do it every few days, and the stubble does look good. Plucking is painful, and takes time. Also I'm worried I'm going to give myself oddly shapes eyebrows. Am I un-manly for doing all this stuff?

    Idon't think I can get them does by a professional- I think I'd die of embarassment, and if I don't, the bill surely will. So, what to do about these dratted eyebrows. Go natural?
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    razor the middle and take a trimmer to the rest
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    I pluck my eyebrows. I started when i was about 19, without thinking I just had a go with my girlfriends tweezers at the hairs in the centre. I didn't have a monobrow but now if i stop i'll get one. I'm not embarrassed by it, if you shave everyday what's up with plucking your eyebrows once a week or so.

    Thing is, I don't shape them I just get rid of a few hairs in the centre. Shaping your eyebrows is a little fruity.

    Don't go to a professional, they will make you look like a tranny. plucking isn't painful and shaving is impossible in the middle and the stubble is horrible. Nothing wrong with bushy eyebrows no-one will mock them, they're not like big ears/nose, but I understand about not wanting a monobrow.

    I told a girl I know I plucked my eyebrows and she said she doesn't but would do the same if she had a monobrow. Thing is she does, so I told her. She laughed it off then low and behold 2 months later she has suspiciously sculpted eyebrows.
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    If a razor in the middle is too harsh, you could try this:

    http://www.asseenontvguys.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=123 [Broken]
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    I know someone who does his nose hairs with a lighter. Once he inadvertently did his eyebrows and fringe as well
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    The same shavers that hip hop people use to doodle shapes and tags into their scalps should do the trick. I've got a couple of extra long brow hairs in the middle of both eyebrows that I pluck or snip whenever I shave my face. Recently I've had to add earlobe hairs to the process.

    I agree to not try to shape the brow. If you try something that looks bad, just shave the whole deal off and say something like "I lost a bet" when people ask.
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    I think I'd rather have funny eyebrows than none at all....

    And how does one do their eyebrows with a lighter?

    I guess then I'll use some tweezers and see how that goes...
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    A blowtorch works better than a lighter.
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    Yes, the uni-brow is frowned on, as is uni-brow stubble. You can buy waxing kits at the drug store. The great thing about waxing is that over time, you half to do it less and less.
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    Or take your front teeth, at least you will look like someone with a character.

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    I enjoyed the subliminal nature of your type-o
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    Sounds like a http://www.flowbee.com/" [Broken] is in your future. Careful... you'll put your eye out!
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    Nothing wrong with waxing, I think it looks quite nice on a guy, when done properly. A nice shape and non uni-brow, looks alot sexier than, a uni-brow (just my opinion). I would suggest professional the first time, but ask if you can watch, so when you do it at home, you know how it's done. Make sure you tell them what you want it to look like, or bring a picture, they will do it just how you like (some places even give a money back guarantee) :biggrin:
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    get them how you want them then get laser hair removal around them. its not that expensive.
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