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Aerospace F-22 and MiG 1.42

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    Can you imagine the air combat between F-22 and MiG 1.42? Who do you think will be winner?
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    Tom Mattson

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    The better pilot.
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    Nope, it's the 21st century out there, pilots don't matter
    much anymore. It's the one with the better missiles and
    countermeasures. :wink:
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    It depends if the film is american or not. If F-22 is driven by Tom Cruise, surely he will be the winner, and he will defeat the comunism.
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    Yea, Mig 1.42 does seem cool, but the f22 is evenly matched and I doubt any will be built by russia.

    I think the best plane is aurora if it exists....
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    I think it would go down pretty much like the old classic battles between the F. 86 and the Mig 15. As was the case with those aircraft, the Mig has a slight advantage in maneuverability, but the American fighter has a better weapon system.
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    THe F-22 is pretty much just a boondoggle

    http://www.pogo.org/p/defense/do-000812-f22.htm [Broken]

    Check out the other stuff on pogo from Col. Riccioni

    http://www.pogo.org/p/x/archivedefense.html#f22 [Broken]
    http://www.pogo.org/p/defense/do-010801-unilateraldisarm.html [Broken]
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