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F:OpenOffice -> Word

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    I have a little problem. I have homework that I have to give in as a word document. But since I only have OpenOffice.org I wrote it in that using it's great formula editor to write equations. Then I exported it to a Word (.doc) file but when I opened it with word all the equations were messed up (for example the + sign was missing everywhere). What should I do?
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    matt grime

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    Tell the person who requires you to write it in Word that it is unreasonable to expect you to use a program that is not available free of charge for all OSs. I'd leave the morals of using MS at all out of it. But anyone who requires you to use Word (and nothing else) for a maths project is in an indefensible position.
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    I wish this were the case, but their defense is simply "I was graduated with my degree without any training in an acceptable math writing software".

    The poor teacher is not concerned about morals of using MS, he is just unable to work with other formats.

    And my advice to the OP is to export the graphics as bitmaps, and import them into word.
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    Export it to PDF.

    If you can't print it off in PDF or the teacher / lecturer won't accept it in PDF then I'd personally launch a complaint with the school / college/ university.

    Your other less favourable option would be to save it in HTML, open it in Word, save it as .doc.
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