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F theory?

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    i was wondering what some of your opinions were on this theory. I was also wondering how it is possible to have 2 times.
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    While mathematically, F-theory describes a spacetime with an additional time direction, physically it's simply a convenient geometry in terms of which to understand a certain aspect of the type IIB theory in the usual (9+1) spacetime dimensions.
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    But what exactly is this extra time direction, and what makes it seem possible?
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    To my understanding, super symmetry only works in 11 or less dimensions is you're working with 1 time dimension and the rest spacial. Beyond that you get particles of spin greater than 2 and they have problems.

    You can, however, remove these problems in 12 dimensions if you have 2 time dimensions, in that your metric signature would be (-,-,+,...,+) (or whatever your preference for writing the signature signs is ;)). It's much less of a physical situation, more of a mathematical tool to conveniently talk about some things in IIB theory (it's SL(2,Z) symmetry I think).
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