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Homework Help: F(x)=2xe^(-x) what is derivative?

  1. Dec 15, 2004 #1

    what is derivative?


    can I simplify this?
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    Recall that:
    [tex] \frac {d e^x} {dx} = e^x [/tex]
    then apply the chain rule.
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    Surely easier to do by product rule!

    [tex]f'(x)=2e^-^x - 2xe^-^x[/tex]

    or even:

    [tex]f'(x)=(2 - 2x)e^-^x[/tex]
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    gee thanks!
    The questions acually asks to find each critical point of f and whether f(x) is a relative maximum, relative minimum, or neither. I set f'(x) to zero and solved. I got x=1.

    I found it to be a maximum value. Is this correct?
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