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F95 Compiler Question

  1. Aug 15, 2011 #1
    Hi guys,

    I am thoroughly unfamiliar with the fortran, but I have to use a software that based on f95 codes.

    In the user manual of the software it says that, this software involves compilation and linking of the following code segments and in the following order:


    ... etc.

    So, i am using win7 and plato software for the compilation process but i could not figure out the linking and the compilation process.

    Can anyone tell me how to link these codes and execute the program?
    Or can anyone suggest me another compilation program for f95?

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Looking forward to hear from you :)
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    Does the software not come with a makefile (or whatever the Windows equivalent is)? If not, you'd probably be better off asking Silverfrost, if you can't find an answer in the documentation. Of course, you might want to contact the author of the software, too.
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    Yeap the software does not have makefile and as the software is a freeware i do not think that the supplier of the software will help for the execution of the program.

    I will check documentation right now, but most probably i will not be able to solve the problem :(

    Anyway, thank you
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    With the freeware (gnu) g95 Fortran compiler I think you can just give it all the files you want to link on the command line. As in,

    g95 a.f95 b.f95 c.f95 d.f95 main.f95 -o whatever.exe

    Or you can compile the modules a,b,c and d to object files first. As in,
    g95 -c a.f95 -o a.obj
    and similarly for b,c and d

    Then use
    f95 a.obj b.obj c.obj d.obj main.f95 -o whatever.exe
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    ok, another question:

    In compiling the codes the following options must be specified:
    (1) Fixed format source code (72 columns)
    (2) Automatically promote REAL type variables to REAL (KIND = 8)
    (double precision)

    which fortran software enables specifying the conditions abobe and how?
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