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Faber Jackson relation

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    What does the Faber Jackson relation tells?
    Does it establish the relation between: higher the Luminosity, higher the velocity dispersion?

    Does it calculate in Elliptical galaxies?

    What does Tully-Fisher relation explains?

    -- Shounak
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    Is Faber Jackson relation shows a directly proportional relation to the velocity dispersion?
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    Can somebody please explain the derivation of the equation L <alpha> sigma times gamma?
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    Is Tully Fisher model used in calculating the relation between luminosity and dispersion velocity in spiral galaxy?

    Is Tully Fisher model and Faber Jackson are same except they are used in spiral and elliptical galaxy?

    What model is used to calculate irregular galaxies?
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    Easy buddy, one question at a time. Give the thread a few days for someone to reply before bumping it back up.
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