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Fabric of space ?

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    I know currently there is no answer but please be open to theories or possibilities for this intrigues me endlessly:

    Everything is made up of something, so the fabric of space must also be made up of something.

    i'd like to know if it would be possible to "poke" a hole through the fabric of space or what are your opinions ?

    Furthermore how is the vast vacuum of the universe created, surely there must be a huge power source... perhaps black holes are part of the answer ?

    Personally i think if it is possible to tear a hole through space fabric, it would possibly be a void for our physical state ?

    If i have to compare it, it would be like trying to take the words i have just typed out of my pc screen and put them on the table next to me. (the words i type can only exist inside the conditions that make it possible inside the pc screen)
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    Why does everything have to be made of something?

    What is a shadow made of? What is time made of?
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    a shadow is made of dark, and can move faster than light o:)
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    Ah, so the fabric of space is super-relativistic, and consists of dark stuff! Perhaps dark chocolate?
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    The term "fabric" when used regarding space has turned out to be a TERRIBLE term to use because it leads to ridiculous statements such as the one above.
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    Now that is an interesting reply.

    And you have the definite proof that qualifies you in making this statement ?

    Please refrain from posting ridiculous replies if you have nothing to put on the table.
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    tiny-tim... you got me thinking in quite a few ways now.... mmm.....
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    Good questions, and i don't have the answer.

    A shadow is caused by something obstructing light, without light we have blackness,
    so i'm thinking if the sun creates light, what creates the blackness.

    What it is made of is a good question, perhaps we are limited by our very nature,
    ie (we only see and understand what reflects off our eyes, and our perception of non-visible effects in our understanding of reality.)

    We can see the sun, however perhaps what is creating space or the darkness of space is not observable to us.

    Time has an effect on our realm but is not physically observable compared to the blackness of space that is observable.
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    Darkness is the absence of light, just like a vacuum is the absence of matter. A vacuum isn't created in the sense that light is created, it is merely the result of removing the objects that used to occupy that volume of space. So if you associate "move out of the way" with "create", then I guess you can say that a vacuum is "created".
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    This thread is already over-speculative. Further developments will lead to no good. Thread closed.
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