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Fabry Perot interferometer used as a filter

  1. Oct 10, 2011 #1
    Hi all!!!

    I'm studying Fabry Perot optical interferometer (with monochromatic light without taking time into account so far) and as its first application we studied it can be used as a filter, letting pass only certain frequencies
    [itex]\nu= \frac{mc}{2n_fd\cos(\theta_t)},\,\,m\in\mathcal{N}[/itex] where c is speed of light, [itex]n_f[/itex] is the refractive index of the dielectric, d is its width and [itex]\theta_t[/itex] is the transmission angle.

    That said, I was wondering: since the plot of [itex](\nu,T_tot)[/itex] - Ttot being the total transmittance - reminds me the frequency spectrum of the sampling of a sinusoidal wave, can the interferometer be thought as a sampling device operating on the light wave?

    I mean, since Fourier's transformation of the sampling of a sinusoidal wave is the repetition of Fourier's transformation of the wave, I thought that we can think backward: since we see the repetition of peaks, it can be the spectrum of the sampling (in time's domain) of the sinusoidal light wave.

    I am wondering if it is craziness or if there is something not so foolish in my observation.
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