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  1. Has anyone heard of the site? Apparently, after you submit a picture of your face into the analyzer, it guesses your heritage and also your personality. I am trying to put my picture in to see if it's true...

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  3. Interesting Face Analyzer... im still not sure how they determined the 'gay factor' component.
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  4. Intelligence 6.7 Very Intelligent
    Risk 2.7 Very Low Risk
    Ambition 6.7 High Ambition
    Gay Factor 1.0 Very Low Gay Factor
    Honor 4.4 Average Honor
    Politeness 5.4 Average Politeness
    Income 6.7 $50,000 - $100,000
    Sociability 5.5 Average Sociability
    Promiscuity 1.8 Very Unpromiscuous
    except i'm bisexual, probably more promiscuous than that and i definetly think i'm riskier than that... it also said i'm 100% eastern european... which as far as i know... i'm none at all... i think i'll try a new picture
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  5. haha, i tried again, and now i'm 100% chinese...

    kinda fun, but obviously grossly inaccurate....
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    What's your celebmatch? Those are pretty close! I look like Scarlett Johansson :biggrin:
  7. i was natalie portman when i was eastern european, and i forget who when i was chinese..
  8. Personality Profile Rank Celebmatch
    Faye Wong

    Intelligence 5.2 Average Intelligence 33004
    Risk 2.5 Very Low Risk 34709
    Ambition 4.5 Low Ambition 34783
    Gay Factor 1.1 Very Low Gay Factor 31934
    Honor 3.6 Low Honor 33814
    Politeness 8.1 High Politeness 844
    Income 4.5 $10,000 - $30,000 35035
    Sociability 8.2 High Sociability 547
    Promiscuity 2.3 Very Unpromiscuous 32429

    100% South East Asian - pretty close
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    I tried it too.

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  10. That was soooooo funny!
  11. It also guesses your race.
  12. Damn didn't work. I think it's the saturation that throws it off, what do you think?
  13. Wow, you are a beta academic! Was the race analysis close or not?

    Yeah it does, but notice that there's no hispanic or african american race choices...

    I am not sure it works for smurfs...
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  14. Intelligence 5.8 Average Intelligence
    Risk 4.8 Low Risk
    Ambition 5.6 Average Ambition
    Gay Factor 1.3 Very Low Gay Factor
    Honor 4.8 Average Honor
    Politeness 4.0 Low Politeness
    Income 5.8 $30,000 - $50,000
    Sociability 5.3 Average Sociability
    Promiscuity 4.2 Low Promiscuity

    and... wait for it.... 100% chinese

    listen to this crap

    obviously crap, I'm at LEAST a '3' in gay factor
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  15. I am CLEARLY an artist
    Except for the eccentric dressing habits, it fits me perfectly.
  16. Very interesting, Smurf.

    In their website it states the methodology
    But obviously, they don't know what they are talking about. Who was your celeb match?
  17. Kobe Bryant :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  18. omg, just look at Britney Spear's profile.
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    Personality Profile
    Intelligence 8.7 Extremely Intelligent
    Risk 8.1 High Risk
    Ambition 9.0 High Ambition
    Gay Factor 1.0 Very Low Gay Factor
    Honor 8.4 Very High Honor
    Politeness 6.3 Average Politeness
    Income 8.8 Over $100,000
    Sociability 3.2 Low Sociability
    Promiscuity 8.0 High Promiscuity

    It seems I'm middle eastern, with a hint of southern european, and my nearest celeb match is Tupac Shakur.

    I'm also an alpha boss.

    (Isn't this just phrenology all over again?)
  20. An excellent analogy. The race part is the only thing I'd think there should be a correlation with, and it seems that part is what they're worst at.:rolleyes:
  21. Well, they do claim that bad pictures lead to 'inaccurate results. :uhh:
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