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Facebook and Latex

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    The frustration of not being able to talk to my friends on facebook with the help of latex to describe what I'm trying to get across if very annoying. Sinse PF has a huge member base and is extremely popular, would it be an idea if PF and a few other major science / math forums got together to make a petition for Facebook to implement latex?

    With the help of some others we could get thousands of signatures. I'd really like to see Latex on Facebook.

    Here is an already existing petition but it will never achieve the required amount with the support of the forums

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    Or you could invite your friends to talk in PF :)
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    I talk about math on facebook a lot, but I don't really miss LaTeX. I probably wouldn't use it if it were available.
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    I do invite my friends here but most of them are not so into forums like I am.
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