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Facebook and Me

  1. Mar 17, 2016 #1
    It was when I first used Facebook that I realized how out of step I was with normal human psychology. People like this?

    When I found out Facebook was colluding with the government in spying I deleted my account. Facebook made this so difficult to do that I had to read a New York Times article to figure it out.

    Now a potential girlfriend loves Facebook so much she has insisted I get involved. OK. No one ever reads my thoughtful posts. That sort of thing is unwanted. But what the heck. I'll just act like everyone else and peg the Drivelmeter.
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    You know that companies often make the government look like amateurs when it comes to spying on you online. Cookies, data warehouses, and apps, oh my. :olduhh:
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    Did you know that until recently the NSA was paying those companies $20 million a year to get that data? They were also paying the UK's MI6 $40 million for the stuff that they couldn't legally collect themselves. Their aim, in which they were largely successful, was to get everything.
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    Where did you get such information ?
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    That's my point. Corporations are very good at collecting your data.
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    That sums it up rather accurately, I think. A common side-effect of Facebook I've noticed is this: "I don't have time to do any exercise/reading." Yet the same person spends hours each day going through all the inane drivel on their page.
  10. Mar 18, 2016 #9
    I certainly agree! Anything I post on facebook I consider "public property" and "publicly viewable".. if it's not something I'd want printed about myself in a newspaper, I don't put it there.
    I *GROAN* at the crap people like as well.. Seriously? 4 billion people like Preparation H, or some corporate mogul's media outlet?.. or <nsert the name of a career politician>
  11. Mar 18, 2016 #10
    Your mission as a spy is to blend with the community. Think you can handle it? We'll send reinforcements if anything happens in this funny looking van: :hurt:

  12. Mar 18, 2016 #11
    I've learned very quickly not to put anything meaningful on FB. Only post funny posts or pics of what you eat, crazy selfies, drunk photos or bathroom photos. If you don't want to share these (which would be very wise) don't post anything and like everything your girlfriend posts. Be sure not to like too many posts by other girls, you might be accused of flirting.
  13. Mar 18, 2016 #12
    Or... or... He can be accused of having a good sense of humor. Like his potential girlfriend will think he laughs at other girls and like their posts because he finds them funny.

    I will like some post of yours... and I dare any citizen of the world to accuse me of flirting with you just because I liked your post. :-p
  14. Mar 18, 2016 #13
    Haha, that would be logical. If he likes posts made by all his female friends equally, that should be alright.
    However, if his girlfriend discovers that he likes too many posts (or even worse, photos!) from one girl, that might cause a problem :-)
    I am not like that but many girls are.
  15. Mar 18, 2016 #14
    Another like.

    I've seen relationships broken because of computers. Even before Facebook. One woman divorced from her husband because she says she found pictures of other girls in his computer. :oldeek: Which reminds me of this picture relating browsing history: (She doesn't look too happy :oldlaugh:)

  16. Mar 18, 2016 #15
    Ooooh now that would certainly be a huge problem. I wouldn't mind if it was porn (guess that most men watch it) but if it was someone from real life... That would mean END.
  17. Mar 18, 2016 #16
    I think it was real girls. I don't know because I never asked. She just sat there telling me about how bad her ex was (According to her, I dare pass no judgement). And I just listened because I had nothing better to do at that moment (more like I was trapped and couldn't go home yet).
  18. Mar 18, 2016 #17
    That's pretty much what I concluded. Good advice.
  19. Mar 18, 2016 #18
    Facebook: Pool of memes (mental viruses).
  20. Mar 19, 2016 #19
    Just noticed there are new icons next to Like on FB. There are new emojis wow, sad, angry and love. Guess it is more appropriate in some situations than Like.
  21. Mar 19, 2016 #20
    And still no plain ol' DISLIKE..
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