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Facebook Stock Craze

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    I believe facebook stock wouldn't be that good in terms of the long run, but it might be good in terms of trading for a short run. Or, do I just lack the foresight to see what facebook's real value is in terms of the long run?

    Oh, here's a report on a guy offering his home for a slice of FB stock:

    http://bottomline.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/03/23/10830287-man-offers-his-home-for-facebook-stock [Broken]

    Or... is this guy onto something here? Is the home-buying market going up? If not, I can see the rationality behind his plea.

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    Google "tulip bubble"
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    Ignore the advertisements!

    FB is over-rated, and its stock certainly is. It's just one more social networking site, albeit rather successful, but it's in a limited market, and competing against Google ads.
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    +1 to what Astronuc said. He wants pre IPO stocks of FB, if anything this sounds like a pump and dump scheme. I wouldn't touch FB stocks with a ten foot pole until I can see some dividend postings out of them. If I wanted to gamble with my money, a trip to Vegas is a much better way to do it.
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