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Facing issue in reading grib file from fortran 90 code

  1. Sep 24, 2014 #1
    I am compiling a fortran 90 program using xlf90_r on AIX as following -

    xlf90_r -q64=largetype -O3 -qstrict -qrealsize=8 -qintsize=8 -qsource -qextname -qlanglvl=90std -qsigtrap=xl__trcedump -qsuppress=1518-011:1518-317:1518-234:1518-256:1518-325:1501-510:cmpmsg -qsigtrap=xl__trcedump -qflttrap=enable,invalid,nanq,overflow,zerodivide readwritegrib.f90

    Its compiling with no errors.
    but while reading grib file below - I am getting - "Error reading Message" and return IOSTAT code from READ is 122 - Incomplete record encountered during direct access READ.
    Please help

    my grib file is - -rw-r--r-- 1 hello staff 12964674 Sep 23 14:17 Cover.grb

    I am getting error ""Error reading Message" here in code -

    OPEN(Unit=InUnit,Access='DIRECT',file=InFile,form='UNFORMATTED', &

    If (OpenStatus /= 0) Then

    Print*, "Error opening input file"
    End If
    READ(Unit=InUnit,REC=1,IOSTAT=ReadStatus) GMessage

    WRITE (6,*) 'ReadStatus - ',ReadStatus
    If (ReadStatus /= 0) Then
    Print*, "Error reading GMessage"
    End If

    output on running a.out - Readstatus 122 - Incomplete record encountered during direct access READ.

    WordSize = 64
    Len_mesg = 1620736
    ReadStatus - 122
    Error reading GribMessage
    OpenStatus = 0
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