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Factor analysis with data from prepost design

  1. Sep 14, 2014 #1
    I have a question regarding attitudinal surveys used in a prepost test design.

    My colleague wants to run factor analysis (FA) on data collected in prepost design for the purposes of dimension reduction and to name factors prior to running t-tests / ANOVA. I am not certain about the "best practices" in terms of doing this with data collected at two different time segments.

    I received 3 suggestions, from people not well acquainted with FA.
    1) Run FA on pre-data; Run FA on post-data; compare and then create scales.
    2) Run FA on the difference between post-data and pre-data.
    3) Run FA on a new table with each test as a row entry (each row represents "a participant in time")

    I have not found anything in the literature saying anything directly about this. Thanks for your assistance
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