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Homework Help: Factor(s) that affect percent yield

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    Hi everyone,
    For a science lab, I am asked to find the following:

    What factor(s) affect percent yield in a reaction which produces calcium carbonate?

    We are given a selection of chemicals to use to get the [tex]CaCl_2[/tex] but I have chosen the following:

    [tex]CaCl_2 + Na_2CO_3 --> CaCO_3 + 2NaCl[/tex]

    We are to do at least 4 trials of changing the grams of [tex]Na_2CO_3 [/tex].
    I'm not sure what are the factors that affect % yeild. Would is be Molarity?
    Any help would be appreciated,
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    anyone? :/
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    % yield has two factors, theoretical and actual yield. There should be nothing that varies with your theoretical yield, so it should be your actual yield in the 4 trials that affect your % yield.

    EDIT: wait, as long as you 'do not' change the quantity of chemical in your trials, the theoretical yield should not change. But it will vary if you do change the quantities.
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