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Factoring polynomials

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    Factoring polynomials(2nd problem)


    36(2x-y)^2 - 25(u-2y)^2

    Having trouble where to start...should I expand out?
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    Is that u and u, or is that suppose to be an x
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    You can start by noticing that that is the difference of two squares.
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    Yeah its a U, got it figured out now.

    I have another one that i'm having trouble with:

    (a^2 - ab)^2 -8b^2(a^2 - ab) + 12b^4

    I tried factoring the a^2-ab out

    = (a^2-ab)[-8b^2 + (a^2-ab)] + 12b^4

    Tried a couple methods none really worked out...what should be my next step? Should i factor a^2-ab to a(a-b)?
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    Do you know how to factor ax^2+bxy+cy^2? Because this expression is in that form.
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    (a^2 - ab)=X

    Therefore, X^2-8xy+12y^2

    Then solve and sub back in.
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