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Homework Help: Factoring Problem

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    Simple Factoring Problem

    How do I factor [tex]a^5-32[/tex]?

    It isnt a difference of cubes or even a difference of squares :(

    By the way, we're currently learning the factor theorem.
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    let f(a)= [tex]a^5-32[/tex] .when x=2,f(a)=0 so a-2 is a factor of the funtion. suppose you know how to carry on since you learnt factor theorem?
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    Use the rule [tex]a^n-b^n=(a-b)(a^{n-1}+a^{n-2}b+a^{n-3}b^2+\cdots+ab^{n-2}+b^{n-1}), n \in \textbf{N}[/tex].
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    Cool, I understand now, thanks, "a" messed me up, I didn't know you could do f(a), I thought it was only f(x).
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