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Homework Help: Factors affacting time period of pendulum

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    Hello everyone

    Can anybody could please help me in the pendulums?
    i just wanted to know how a simple pendulum executes simple harmonic motion and what are the factors that could affect the time period of a simple pendulum
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    A simple/mathematical pendulum executes simple harmonic motion only for small amplitudes of oscillation.It's the most important requirement.Others would address constant gravitational field and lack of air friction (u can assume vacuum).In this case,Newton's second law would prove the harmonic character of the movement.

    The period of harmonic oscilations is

    [tex] T=2\pi\sqrt{\frac{l}{g}} [/tex] and u can see that it depends upon the gravitational intensity "g" and the length of the string between the point of suspension & oscillating body.

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    Thanks dextercioby for the help but what about the factors that could affect the time period of a simple pendulum?
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    He just answered that. Changing the length of the string, or changing the gravitational force would both impact period.
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