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News Facts of 9/11 - need confirmation

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    I've come to realzed that i don't know much what really happened on 9/11 so i decided to do some research on the internet. I found the the following alleged facts to be very fascinating. I don't know whether these to be true or not. They may be just made up with lack of evidence to stir up conspiracy theories. There are so many statements made regarding 9/11 that i don't really dont whether they're trrue or false. So please help to check whether these alleged facts are true or not:

    1. There are still questions on how WTC 7 collapsed. Structural steels from the collapsed were cut up as scrap and sold to other countries before any comprehensive study can be done.

    2. Marvin Bush, younger brother of George W. Bush was the director for Securacom, a company that provided security for the WTC and Dulles Airport up to the day of the attack. The company was backed by a Kuwait-American investment firm.

    3. All three buildings (WTC 1,2,7) collapsed at or near free fall speed.

    4. Larry Silverstein bought a $3.5 billion insurance policy for the trade center two months before 9/11

    5. Only a small fraction of the money was spent to investigate the 9/11 attacks compared to theone spent on the Clinton's scandal.

    6. Some or not all the black boxes from the crashed plane were not found.

    7. $200 million worth of gold was recovered but it was found in a truck not in the vault. No one know why it was in a truck.

    This is all i can think of right now. I might have some more later.
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    We banned discussion of this topic a while back because it was getting out of hand. Feel free to search the Skepticism and Debunking forum, though, where all of the old threads are contained. The info you're looking for should be there.
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