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Failing a class

  1. Nov 10, 2011 #1
    hey guys,
    im a Junior in undergrad going for a bs in professional physics.
    I have always loved physics and always wanted to do something in that field.
    I am a pretty good student, i get b's and a's and this semester was my first in upper division courses so my grades are suffering as a result. (pretty big step up)
    But mainly in my Partial differential eq class. I am scared i am going to fail or get a d.
    How much will that affect me in the long run? the teacher only has office hours the days i work and i live 30 minutes from where i go to school so office hours are slightly hard to ever make, not to mention those are the same days as test reviews.

    The teacher is horrible and the tests are way different than anything we do. he tests us to understand the theory and its particulars but yet in class i feel like we do nothing. i know i sound like im putting the blame all on him, but really i know it comes down to me ultimately.
    THe average test scores are like a 60% along with the homework scores which are 50%.
    so i know im not the only one.
    Any input? im stressing hardcore over it. thanks alot guys
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    Hi there,

    you're not exactly swimming in options are you :wink:.

    I've been there, and I didn't do too well in the course so maybe I'm not the guy that you want to be taking advice from. If the class average is below a 60% then you should expect a curve or an easier final. But if you can't make it to your prof's office hours, maybe ask him if you can set up a meeting at another time. Some prof's aren't nice, but in my experience most are, and are willing to help you.
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    I agree. The best thing that you can do is talk to your professor about it. He/she will know what topics are next, and the general difficulty, how well students usually do on those, and in general, how well you are doing in the course.

    If the class average is a 60% in a course like PDE (ie: The students should know what to expect by then), well, either there will be a big curve, or something is wrong with the students and/or professor.
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    I bet there are students in the class that are getting A's. If they can do it why not you? That's the kind of thinking you need to pass. Anything you read here is just hot air advice. It comes down solely on you.

    As far as how failing or getting a D can affect you, it can affect grades wise (obviously) and also in-terms of financial aid. Financial aid has some requirements so look into that and how failing a class can affect your aid.

    Lastly, if it's possible, just be a quitter, drop the class, and go for the W.
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