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Failing math

  1. Oct 19, 2005 #1
    I am a Soph. high school, taking Honors Algebra 2 class. I just got a progress report and it saids im getting "F" (64%)...
    i love math, and want to be good at it, because i really really want to become a Vet, and i know it is impossible without math and science.
    What do u guys think i should do? Drop it to regular Alg.2 class? And how can i be good at it?
    I think it is because of my math background. I took Alg.1 last year with "A", and also taking Geometry right now with Alg.2 class. And i never passed a math class till 8th grade... i have english problem too (3rd year in U.S.).
    I know... its very stupid. Please just share me some math study tips or something.
    Thank you very very very much or reading this.
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    Math Is Hard

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    Yes. And get consider getting a tutor, also. Sometimes a good tutor can make all the difference in the world, especially if your parents aren't able to help you with math homework. And don't forget you've always got these forums if you get stuck on a problem.
    Are you able to keep up fairly well in the lectures, or is the English a problem there? I had a few teachers who mumbled while facing the blackboard and they were very hard to understand even for us native English speakers!
    Practice! Do every problem you can get your hands on. I used to do my homework twice!
    Good luck. Don't get discouraged. I think it's great that you want to become a vet. :smile:
  4. Oct 20, 2005 #3
    Math, I think I have to disagree with the just drop into a regular class. I would advise that only as a last resort.

    Njkid, don't get too down on yourself! It's a progres report. Meaning all it does is show you how you are fari right now. Usually there aren't many grades on these reports so they aren't completely accurate. I do have to agree with Math that all you can do is practice! :smile: I would suggest meeting with your teacher or another teacher and work on your weak points. I would advise this a day or so before a test or quiz. You can identify your weak points by working through problems and seeing which ones give you the most trouble. If they all do that's ok. Work throught them as far as you can doing what you know. That way you know exactly what to work on which maximizes your study time. Also, look into getting a peer tutor like one in a higher math class, who is strong in algebra and work through it with you.

    Progress reports aren't the end of the world. You have many options to work at this, so don't jump the "just drop the class adn pick up th eother one" approach. If you didn't belong in Advanced Algebra II then your guidance counselor wouldn't let you into the class in the first place. Have a bit of hope. :smile:

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    Thanks for your opinion guys, but i dropped it today. Misskitty, my guidence councelor dont even know about me, because i am a transfer student, and a school i went before tought me very easy class. Progress report... i know, i wanted to try more, but i was kind of "kicked out" of this advanced class. Anyway, ill just step back this year, and try to go back into Advanced Pre-Calculus next year! My math teacher now wouldnt allow me to put in that class anyway... I will just practice hard problems by myself.

    By the way, does Pre-Calculus involve lot of word problems?
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    Math Is Hard

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    There is nothing wrong with slowing it down a bit, njkid. Math is not a race.

    I don't remember a lot of word problems in pre-calc (but yes, there were some, and you're going to see them again in calculus, so don't shy away) but not to the extent that we had in algebra classes. Of course, this will vary by instructor.

    If you want to bone up for your advanced pre-calc, make sure you are rock-solid in understanding functions, and get as much trigonometry under your belt as possible. Your factoring techniques should also be stellar, so don't mess around here - make sure you understand everything. That is the best advice I can give you.
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    Tom Mattson

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    But he said he's getting an F. No one is going to care that it was an honors course if he fails, but if it's a regular Algebra 2 course and he gets at least a C then it will look much better on his record, and he'll learn something.
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    Don't drop it to regular class. From my experience I can tell you that math is not much different, but teachers are usually better in honors classes, so are people around you, which can be very important. Try tutoring, and make sure you pay attention on class. Good luck!
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    I agree with this perspective. Slow down, back up, learn whatever you missed, and then move ahead again.

    njkid, you asked about word problems. Are word problems particularly problematic for you? That could be a language problem, and would be a good reason to slow down the pace to the regular class. If the coursework is a bit easier, you'll have more time to work through the word problems. Keep in mind that if you want to go to vet school, you're going to have to get good at word problems, because that's the practical problem solving side of math. You're going to get information like the weight of an animal and the concentration of a drug and need to calculate a dose in your head to know how much volume to administer. That's a word problem and a real life problem and it uses algebra.

    I would recommend a tutor also, though make sure you find someone who understands that English is part of the problem.

    And, please, make use of our homework help forums.
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    Thanks again. Ill find the tutor.
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    Really depends on your textbook/teacher.

    I have seen quite my share of word problems this semester (I'm taking precalc). If you are having problems with word problems, maybe you should try to do as many of those as possible, and get as much help as possible on those (like asking the teacher for help on how to set them up, or tutoring, etc).
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