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Failing tests

  1. Sep 29, 2009 #1
    Failing tests....

    So far in my honors pre-calc class we have taken 3 tests. My grades on these tests have been 57%, 73%, and 63%.

    i understand all the material in class and have no problem on the homework, but when i take the tests i get so nervous i rush through the test and i make stupid mistakes (like not simplifying all the way, or not factoring completely) this leads to a bunch of small mistakes. Small mistakes individually, but when added up they make me fail. I try to take my time on each question but the time that i have in class doesn't allow for you to look over it with great detail. How do i stop myself from doing stupid mistakes?
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    Re: Failing tests....

    Instead of taking your time on each question, if you move through it a bit faster and give yourself time at the end to look over each answer again, you might be more likely to catch any errors you made
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    Re: Failing tests....

    You've taken an important step by identifying what's causing you a problem ("getting nervous while taking timed tests"). So, how should you correct this? Try setting up some practice tests with typical problems and a strict time limit. Start with easier problems at first. You'll probably find that you have more time than you first thought. This should increase your confidence and decrease your nervousness.

    Good Luck!

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