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Failure analysis

  1. Jan 21, 2015 #1
    Hello. My professor has asked the class to find a few reports of failure analysis. We need reports that contains high quality pictures of the failed component and the data of the failed component.

    Also we can not have a failure report with amorphous materials(glass, plastics ect)

    Links or suggestions of places to look would be appreciated.
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    So you're looking for cases of metal fatigue, substitution of aircraft bolt with an automobile bolt―that sort of thing? What about the Titanic, and the use of the wrong steel for its hull?
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    Yeah. Metal fatigue, overloading of cables and that sort of things.

    We need a full failure analysis report to study. We need maybe 7 or 10 reports.
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    I don't have any details of cases. I mentioned those examples to assist you (and elicit information that will assist others who may come up with suggestions).

    Your best source will be google.
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    I have looked at some of the reports that I found on google and they lacked data.
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    How about aircraft crash reports? Google finds lots of good stuff on those detailed reports...
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    probably the most famous failures would be the suspension bridge in Washington state.

    this failure has lots of documentation if you go looking for it.
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