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Failure is not an option

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    I was just watching the program, "failure is not an option" on the history channel. Man, that was a very well made show. It went through the space program in the United States. The 60's and 70's were awesome times. The guys like Gene Krantz would give these eloquent speeches to their team off the cuff. Then there was the little speech the guys made when the orbited the moon on christmas eve that they quoted from genesis. You dont find a group of people like that anymore these days. Most people cant talk, none the less give eloquent motivational speeches and show such leadership. I also loved how they were ALWAYS smoking in all the video clips. Great stuff! :biggrin:


    Its too bad we will never again see a space race like we did in the 60's. :frown:
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    Maybe, maybe not.
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    Nah, ant gonna happen. Were too busy and broke from terrorism to possibly afford massive space exploration. Plus with Russia gone, we lack any reason to spend money to explore space.
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    I was thinking longer term.
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    Read the book!
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    I watched the first one last night as well. The second one, I have recorded... woot
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    I watched it twice. Those guys were truly incredible people. Gene Krantz is larger than life.
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    As for Appollo 13 - Engineers at NASA were able to recalculate trajectories and burn durations, figure out new navigation and flight control procedures, and estimate how long critical supplies would hold out. Working with the crew, they developed ways to use the Lunar Module as a "life raft," using its environmental support systems, electrical batteries, and engines, to substitute for the lost capability in the Command Module. Four days later, the crew returned safely to Earth.

    http://www.google.com/search?q=cache:gLp9oEQzHI0J:www.professionalpractice.asme.org/engineering/syseng/resources/appollo13.doc+appollo13&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=2 [Broken]

    My first father in law was one of the engineers at NASA that figured out how to get them home. He has a plaque from the President thanking him.

    Engineers ROCK!!! My dad was an engineer.
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    Im amazed that the average engineer was 26 and only had a B.S degree.
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    It goes to show how drastically different the engineering realm was back then. You had tons of engineers to learn from that didn't have to worry about being eliminated to free up budget. On the job training was vital and produced some great engineers.

    If you want an even better look at the space race, you should look into the books about the engineers that came in from Canada after the collapse of their aviation industry. "The great brain drain" had a huge effect on NASA's ability to do what it did.
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    What about China?There sending up guys to space.I know there technology isn't that advance but it could within a decade or two.We should still explore sapce a Russian is going to build a minning station on the moon(I don't think they have money or technology) and if the Russians are going to build a moon colony for mining then we should too.
    There are reasons to build colonise on other planets

    If it has a higher content of Iron then any other object in solar system I think it would be useful to mine it.
    I think that would an ok reason for going to mars but also mars has storng prence of water and if there use to be life somewhere anyway for earth I think it would worth going there and possibly terrfroming it.
    If it has more water then on earth I think it would be useful for colonization
    I think it a fuel/supply base be useful
    I think it would a good idea to explore it to see if there is possible or going to be life on titan.
    H-3 is probally the best reason to mine on the moon.
    http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~diedrich/solarsails/ [Broken]
    Solar sails would probally be the best way for transportion to planets
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