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Fairly long introduction

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    Hello all!

    New member here, I feel that I'm actually a bit of a "non-traditional" member, although that may not be the case.

    I'm currently 24, and I've been in and out of college since 2011. My current standing, by credits, is a sophomore. My background (at the risk of sounding like a sob story) is fairly straight forward.. I've been attempting to move forward with an undergraduate degree, pursuing a B.S. in physics, with a minor (or second major) in mathematics. However, life continues to interrupt my pursuits. My main issues have been money, and work schedule. My work schedule has regulated, and shouldn't change for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately however, this years taxes, and FASFA have shown that due to my income I will no longer receive grant money or financial aid, short of un subsidized loans, which I am trying to avoid... This has left me in a position where I'm essentially unable to afford the university I have been attending... So, I have decided to blaze a new trail!

    At this point, I should mention.. I'm not a big fan of my current job/career path. I'm currently working as a diesel mechanic for a trucking company. To say I don't want to do it for the rest of my life would be a gross understatement. I enjoy working with my hands, and fixing things, however this job, or more specifically this company is awful. The obvious solution is to find another job, however right now I'm unable to walk away from the consistent income to be able to make my education the top priority.

    My new idea (and why I've joined this site) is to enroll in a technical program at a local community college where I found a pretty interesting looking program that should be able to be completed in about a year and a half that will allow me to find a more enjoyable career field. While there, and after, the plan is to continue to self study mathematics and physics as a hobby, so that if someday the opportunity to return the university presents itself, I will be fresh, and ready to reintegrate!

    I plan to start with the books I already have, one is a physics book that the university teaches Physics I & II from. I also have a book that certain Professors teach the initial calculus sequence from, as well as an E-book that an additional Professor used for those same courses.. As I progress I'll be coming here for help, possibly motivation, and a path to follow once these books are finished!!

    This introduction might be entirely too long, I wasn't sure,
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    Welcome to the PF. :smile:

    If you'd like to discuss your school options more, we have an Academic Guidance forum and a Career Guidance forum. They are great resources. :smile:
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