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'Fairy circles' of Africa baffle scientists

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    Ivan Seeking

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    These are real enough. Anothert really intresting thing about them is though the soil in the circle is barren there is a ring of soil just putside the circle which is seemingly more fertile than the surrounding soil.

    here's a slightly better article on it:


    It is obviously the work of fairies.
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    Hmm, I was trying to find some pics of these things, because they sound quite similar to the devils tramping ground I've got up the street.

    Here is one pic I managed to find of a fairy circle

    And a pic of the tramping ground to save you the trouble

    The main difference, from what I read about the fairy circles, there are many of them in africa, whereas this is the only one I know of around here.
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    They just need some fertilizer, is all.
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