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Fake Email - Posting as the site

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    It has come to my attention that I've obtained an email which at a quick glance seems to be impersonating this forum by asking you to check for a new private message and then I was prompted to log in, which made sense as seeing that I've not been on the site for a long time...

    Well I logged in and right way - I've realizing my mistake and changed my password here before any damages could have been inflicted. And yeah I never saw the "cheap Viagra" so don't play up that please :D

    Thought you would want to know. The header and the email message are posted down below in its entirely with exception of my email address.

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    www.physorg.com is a completely different site. to physics forums

    It's very easy to set the sender ID in an email to anything you like - it does not have to have actually been sent from that site.
    A lot of spammers put legitimate site sender IDs to make you less suspicious or to get around automatic blocking software.
    It doesn't mean that the physorg site was hacked or it came from any user there.
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    Just looks like an automatic private message notification that contains an advert some user has spammed your phyorg message box with. Like mgb says, it is a completely different website to this one. You may want to inform the physorg mods that somebody is spamming their users via PM with innapropriate messages.
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    Yeah -> wow I never realized that it was a different site... That's it, I'm an idiot or at least what happens when I am running low on sleep and speed reading the emails...

    Thanks guys - the other forum have been informed.
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