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Fake Gun Used to Steal Man?s Virtual Currency

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    Two men recently met in the Fordham University library for a simple currency exchange: $3,300 for 4.7 billion RuneScape coins. *When the deal looked shady, the seller of the coins wanted to back out. *That’s when the alleged buyer pulled … Continue reading →http://stats.wordpress.com/b.gif?host=virtualnavigator.wordpress.com&blog=11498882&post=1002&subd=virtualnavigator&ref=&feed=1

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    I don't play any of the online games nor any other games but that is a really interesting read. I wonder how these online worlds will evolve.
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    Looks like I found a use for my old desktop - do you think a virtual criminal could escape from my Windows 2000 dial up fortress?
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    Ever heard of gold farming?
    There are a lot of worrying accounts of sweat shops in the third world full of poor kids who are made to play games all day long for minimal money just so crooks can sell this stuff to bored rich first world gamers.
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