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Fake ID

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    what do u think of people who have face identity? are they liar or sick? can u trust them?
    it happens on net a lot that people introduce themselves somebody else. some of them try to impress others by telling lies but i know of so many people who just tell lies about thier names, eductioan...and when spmebody get close to them and they want to meet in real life they reveal their true id and they say they just told lies since they're paranoid of people and they didn't lie to impress other. they just wanted to support their privacy.
    do u even consider a lie vie internet a lie? or since eveything is unreal throug web lying isn't a big deal.
    i met this very hot gir through net who had introduced herself with a fake id but after while she confessed since our relationship ws about to get serious and we were about to meet in real life. she hadn't tell any lie to impress me. do u think that i can trust her?:confused:
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    I'm having a hard time understanding what you're saying, so I hope I understand the question.

    Personally, if somebody lies to me, I get very offended. I do my best to always be truthful, and I expect others to do the same for me. Lies on the internet are still lies; why would the medium change anything?

    For the situation with the girl, I would not trust her.

    Of course, if you live in a country other than the US, my advice might not hold, because different countries have different cultures and different social norms.
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    If I get the gist of your question, you met the girl on the internet and she wasn't willing to reveal her true identity (name, address, phone number) to a stranger on the internet until she felt confident about the person she was dealing with.

    That's just plain smart. Go to any internet dating site and you'll see everyone on the site uses a pseudonym, a username, instead of their real name (similar to this site in fact). Almost no one reveals things like name, address, phone number, etc until they've actually met this person in a public place and begin to feel confident the person they're dealing with isn't some kind of serial killer.

    Yes, you can trust her (unless she's a serial killer, but then she wouldn't probably would have never broken down and given you her real contact info).
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    Then we got different impressions of the OP's question. He mentions "education" in his post (or a spelling variant thereof), so I was under the impression that the lies went deeper than just name/address/phone number.

    For example, if somebody told me they had a college degree when talking online, but revealed that as a lie later on, my opinion of the person would plummet.
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    I wouldn't guarantee I understood his question either. I think Annie got irritated at his complaining about the typewriter keys (who n ds the 'e' k y anyway) and chopp d off his thumbs.
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    No way can you trust this woman. I met a woman on the net who was pretending to be a pretty young girl. But when we finally hooked up it turned out to be my wife.
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