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Fake moon landing

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    part 1
    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1913474363747128107 [Broken]
    part 2
    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5737681932896358451 [Broken]
    part 3

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2265515730495966561 [Broken]

    now, they produce huge amount of evidence that indeed moon landing happened in the studio....

    my question appart can you dispute that evidence is: is there a possibility of telescope being able to see the U.S flags on the moon? That would be ultimate proof of the landing on the moon. Maybe the remnants of landing module would be more suitable object to view. is it possilble?

    is there any such photos?

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    George Jones

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    Telescopes aren't capable of resolving such small things at such tremendous distances. There was some mission planned by NASA however that, as one of its tasks, was to take up close up photos of the landing sight in a fly-by. It was suppose to happen this year or something, i forget what it was.

    Also, i don't see how that could be "ultimate proof". The problem with such "proof" would be that the theory says the government lied and the proof against it could be easily countered by "the government is lying again". I think the ultimate proof is the fact that the evidence presented by conspiracy theorists is usually flat out wrong or the type that completely misses the point or tries to convince naive people of certain "problems" based on our everyday experience. Such an experience of course, doesn't accure inside a vacuum.
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    First of all, this should be in the "Debunking" area. This has been covered several times before.

    Second: I find it VERY offensive that anyone could think that the Moon landings were faked. This is the single greatest engineering feat of the 20th century, and yet some people which have little to no engineering knowledge think they can "prove" it never happened. All of the supposed "proof" of a conspiracy is total B.S., and has been disproved MANY times.

    The fact is we landed on the moon, a great triumph for the United States (and mankind), and there is a huge amount of irrevocable evidence that it happened.

    I won't even dignify this with an answer. All I will say is that I guarantee any and all "evidence" provided in the videos can be completely blown away. The videos are two hours of total crud.
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    ups sorry, question answered thank you all ....
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    No, they don't. Maybe they think they have evidence, but I'd even venture to say that most such guys know they are full of crap but just spew it for the sake of making money. Most of this comes from a guy named Hoagland, who has spent enough time on it that he can't have completely ignored the debunking of his crap. He has to know he's wrong unless he is actually mentally ill.

    Question answered by Penguino, thread closed.
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