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Fake Windows Xp software

  1. May 17, 2006 #1
    Fake Windows Xp software......

    hey guys,
    i have had my computer for 4 years now and due to a recent crash due to virus attack i had to delete all the stuff on my computer and get windows reinstalled at a local computer store as i did not have enough money to buy the genuine software. A year has gone by now and i get this message that says i may be a "victim of Counterfeit" as soon as i start my computer up. Following which i get this message to click on a balloon to solve the issue. I am not sure whether i should click on it or not cuz i dont wanna get caught.....:grumpy:. Can anyone tell me is there any other way of solving this problem....??? Is there anyother inexpensive way out...??? Do i have click on the balloon>>>>??:mad:

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    If you purchased the computer with Windows already on it, then you're already paid for Windows, and are not using it illegally. Don't worry.

    - Warren
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    Thanks for replying,
    But i want to know why do it get the message that says that i might be a "Victim of Counterfeiting software". Are you also saying that i just click on the balloon to solve the problem??

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    So what did they install exactly?

    You would still have to pay them the money for a Windows XP license...unless they used a pirated version in which case they're not running a very honest (or legal) business.

    Edit: Did they just reinstall the copy of windows that came with your PC?

    If it's just a message then I don't see the big problem. Does it still allow your computer to run properly after you close the message? It could just be some sort of virus or malicious program that's causing it, especially since it's been a year since you installed Windows. Try running an anti-virus scan and an adware/malware scan.

    I would also try searching Google for the exact phrase that pops up to see if other people have recieved the same message and if it's actually coming from windows or some other program.
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    I suggest you click on it. Local store should have also installed original copy of windowsxp on your pc. If not, they are the one who will get into trouble. Or if you don't want to bother with the bubble. Turn it off in Services. I don't quite remember exactly how it was but I think I'll be able to help you. Can you just write the exact message you see, or take a screenshot and post in?

    There is also simpler and cheaper solution to solve the matter of viruses and the like. Use firefox (doesn't provide 100% guarantee of not getting it, however increases chances that you will not.) Or, install Linux!
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    Microsoft recently released some Windows updates that will detect if you are [potentially] using a couterfit/pirated version of windows.
    It checks to see if your product ID code is "valid" [not really the right word I want to use] or not.
    Normally, if you dont have a legit seriel product code, they wont let you download and install updates, but they were ever-so-nice by allowing everyone to have this update.

    Near as I can tell, at this point, all it does is pop up with a little balloon and stay in your task bar. It probably sends some information to Microsoft as well, so you might be on some list of where they will send their anti-piracy ninjas.

    If you do own a legit copy of Windows, you should be OK though (in theory).
    However, when the computer store reinstalled windows, they might have used the same seriel number for use as they did for 12 other people (or more) and Microsoft knows this. In that case, the computer store is just asking to get sued. It might be better if you re-re-installed windows yourself with the restore CD you should have gotten with your computer.
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    Thankyou all for replying,

    My computer was not bought all assembled but i remember buying it in bits and pieces and then getting a tech to assemble it....He did it at home and he installed the CD's. By the way i dont remember buying an original copy of windows xp from them...They just installed windows using a copy of their own fake cd's i guess...By the way this was in India and now am in New Zealand.

    Anyway the guys here in NZ installed windows Xp and i remember paying them 30 bucks for it...Im not sure whether they used fake software or not....I will try taking a picture or two and post them as heartless suggested.....

    As for the virus i dont think i have any virus at all as i got Norton Installed...There seems to be no problem about that at all.......:smile:

  9. May 18, 2006 #8
    you have a cracked version of XP...
  10. May 19, 2006 #9
    Yea it looks like it....Anyway heartless i have taken some picks of the actual thing.




    Tell me what you think of the problem....

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    You know, you can just hit the "PrtScr/Sys Rq" button on your keyboard and paste the image into any image editing program such as MSPaint.
  12. May 19, 2006 #11
    yea i know but the thing is im not using the internet on that computer at the moment....im using my laptop now cuz the other one does not work that well....it takes ages to start up as well....:frown:

    i rather do it this way

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    Could be that the Windows they used is the Windows disc from the computer store.
  14. May 19, 2006 #13
    Even if they used a disc of theirs im pretty sure that they had to enter the code in order to work install the software properly....so why does it have to come up with a message like that...??? i dont understand....
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    Would that work on the Welcome Screen?
  16. May 19, 2006 #15
    Nope dont think so...

    Anyway.. there isnt really much u can do.. except fork out cash for the real thing or be creative in other ways...
  17. May 19, 2006 #16
    Actually, that does work on the welcome screen...
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    I just tried it and it looks like you have to press Shift+Prt Scr.
  19. May 19, 2006 #18
    Really? I just did it normally.:uhh:
  20. May 19, 2006 #19
    Hey does it really matter guys, i sent the pictures already and you know what im talking about....Its just another opportunity to make use of my new digital camera. I think i have hardly taken a couple of snaps which seems pretty less when taken into account that i bought it a year ago.....:rofl:

  21. May 20, 2006 #20
    I believe windows update only validates the software if you download the updates manually . If you allow windows to download and install the updates automatically it dosent look to see if your software has a vailid serial number or not.

    And the reason being i suppose is because its better for microsoft and all the people running legitamate software if the majority of the machine's connected to the internet have the most recent security updates installed.
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